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Welcome to Annie Oak

The design driven lifestyle brand that focuses not just on aesthetics, but also eco-friendly and ethical practices. Each and every Annie Oak product has been created to reflect positive energy and happiness, to lift your everyday lifestyle.

Our Why

We all have a purpose and a drive behind what we do. Ours is simple - to uplift your everyday lifestyle with luxury products that aren’t harmful to the environment. We aim to have an overall positive impact, not just for our customers, but for the planet too. Our products are eco-friendly and ethical, but we don’t stop there. With every purchase, we donate money to various charities worldwide to ensure what we do makes a difference to people, animals and our planet. In choosing Annie Oak, you can do the same.

Our Why

Inspired by the butterfly effect, we believe that small events and actions make a difference on a larger scale. The butterfly within our logo reflects this, as well as representing endurance, hope, change and the wonderful gift that is life. Through our products you can support those small changes that make a difference, as well as celebrating and cherishing your own life.

Our Promise

It is our commitment to you to always provide you with quality products and transparency. We promise to be environmentally friendly and give back wherever possible. Most of our packaging is plastic free, and anything that does contain a small amount of plastic is reusable. Our postal boxes are made from 100% recycled cardboard, we use grasspaper, a revolutionary new material made from sun dried grass for the wrapping and sticker, our box is then finished with 100% recycled shredded British waste paper, to ensure your products arrive safely. Wherever we can, we aim to have a minimum impact on the environment, through the production of our products and our packaging choices.

It is our promise to you to always be upfront about this, so you know exactly what you are investing in and what you are supporting.

Our Story

Annie Oak was inspired by my travels and memories.

The first ever Annie Oak collection - Dynami - was created while sailing across the seas of Japan. I couldn’t help but notice during our journey how much plastic was collecting in the ocean - it was then that I decided I wanted to create a beautiful brand that could make a difference.

Our Story

Annie Oak has continued to develop and has expanded into other jewellery collections with our English Countryside and Under the Sea collections all with a personal story to linked to the creator, Kerry-Ann.

I am continuing to work hard to grow Annie Oak, to extend our product range to have an even bigger positive impact. Shop our collection of jewellery online now, confident that the choices you are making can improve not just your lifestyle, but the lives of others too.

Love Annie x

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